Carpet Beetle Infestations

What is a Carpet Beetle?

Carpet Beetles are a type of textile boring insect and are usually introduced to homes as a secondary infestation caused by an initial pest problem. This would be something like a bird or wasp nest, or other burrowing insect, which allows the introduction of the carpet beetle into your home. Once settled in your premises, carpet beetles can be very difficult to destroy due to their long life cycle, with some species living for up to 2 years.

Unfortunately in the UK, the last few years have seen carpet beetles become an increasing problem for domestic homes and museum collections. They are a known destroyer of upholstered furniture, wool carpets and all kinds of garments, and can cause significant damage if left untreated.

Luckily, Manchester Pest Control has years of experience in identifying carpet beetle infestations and dealing with the problem quickly and efficiently. We are familiar with the various types of beetles found in the UK and their most common habits and habitats, and have the means and tools to remove the issue and ensure they do not return.

What to look for:

The most common type of carpet beetle found in the UK is also one of the most damaging – the Varied Carpet Beetle.  Resembling a common ladybird, but covered in gold and grey scales, the adults can fly and will usually try to leave via windows in order to mate outside. If you spot any flying carpet beetles, it’s a sure bet that eggs and larvae will soon appear. The beetles will lay their eggs inside the house, in the safety of cracks and crevices.

Once the eggs hatch and the larvae appear, they make their way around the house to cupboards and drawers. At less than 1mm in length when hatched, it is very difficult to spot them, another reason why infestations are so hard to eradicate. The larvae is sometimes called a “woolly bear” because of their short, hairy appearance and even at this early stage they began feeding. This feeding will of course damage carpets, fabrics, fur and feathers, and even cotton materials and feather-filled upholstery.

Treatment and Control:

Because of the nature of our carpet beetle treatment, there are some steps that you will need to take before we begin, in order to ensure the success of the treatment.  When you have contacted us and made an appointment, please take the following steps before our technician arrives:

  • Hoover the areas that will be treated prior to our arrival in order to provide a ready-to-work space.
  • Remove all pets from the area where the treatment takes hold. This includes any fish tanks or other animals.
  • The treated floor needs to be free of human presence during the procedure and two hours after it in order to let the insecticides work to the fullest.
  • Once you re-enter the room, make sure to open the windows for 10-15 minutes to freshen the air.
  • Avoid cleaning treated areas for at least 5 days – this will ensure that the product’s residual effect is intact which will help to protect your home from further infestations.

Once they have arrived and assessed the affected areas, our technicians will take the following steps:

  • Our technician will fully inspect your property to define the type of beetle and the level of infestation. All of this is required in order to pick the most suitable product for a complete beetle eradication.
  • Once the beetle species is defined and all affected zones marked for treatment, our technician will apply a powerful insecticide with a lasting residual effect. The product has an immediate effect on the carpet beetle population in all life stages and it will need to settle for two hours before you return to the affected area.
  • When the immediate infestation has been treated, our technician will share some tips on how to protect your premises from future infestations. If you have booked our insured carpet beetle treatment, you get two additional visits from us for the next 3 months. This type of service ensures a total eradication of the beetle population as no insects will manage to survive and multiply.

Extra benefits:

Here at Manchester Pest Control, we are committed to providing the best service we can to our customers and that can include the following benefits;

  • Non-toxic insecticides – we strive to provide safe carpet beetle treatments and protect your family and pets, that’s why we opt for harmless but still powerful solutions.
  • Schedule availability – we know you have a busy schedule and we try to be available during weekends, evenings and even bank holidays.
  • Insured and one-off treatments – depending on the severity of your problem, you can choose between a 3-month guaranteed service and a one-off carpet beetle treatment.
  • Discounts – carpet beetle infestations often go hand in hand with moth or bird problems and if you have any of those we can resolve all infestations in combined visits at preferential rates.
  • Additional services – Upon request we can help you clean all treated areas with preferential prices. The cleaning takes place 5 days after the carpet beetle control treatment and is carried out by professionals.

The longer a carpet beetle infestation is left, the harder it can be to totally eradicate. As soon as you notice any signs of an infestation, call us on the number below to arrange an inspection and treatment, or to receive a no-obligation quote.

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