Cockroach Infestations – control and advice

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Cockroaches – what to look for:

While there are several species of cockroach, in the UK the most common types are the Oriental, German and American breeds. All three will look similar – a rather large insect with characteristic flattened bodies and small heads, usually yellowish, reddish-brown or black in colour. Cockroaches are winged but do not fly, instead using their wings and legs to produce a distinctive clicking sound. They can also be identified by the strong sour smell of their faecal deposits or from a large infestation. There are three life stages – egg, nymph and adult – and all three may be present during an infestation, as they breed quickly.

Cockroaches are nocturnal and will hide during the day in cracks and crevices close to any food source. Kitchens are the most common location, however they can also be found in other warm and moist locations such as boiler and laundry rooms. They are omnivorous and can eat almost anything, including human waste, but will prioritise starchy and sugary foods.

Cockroaches are excellent climbers and can quickly spread throughout a property and it is imperative that you take the following action to reduce the risk of an infestation, particularly in a commercial property:

  • Check air bricks and ventilation grills are in place and intact, but do not block them.
  • Block any access points around gas, electricity, water, heating and extraction pipe work.
  • Restrict food sources by storing food within rigid containers.
  • Sweep up food spillages immediately and don’t leave uncovered food lying around.
  • Regularly clean under kitchen units, appliances and in any other areas where food debris and grease can build up.
  • Regularly remove rubbish and place in strong bags within a secure external bin.

Infestation risks:

Cockroach infestations are difficult to treat and are becoming more common. They are a significant risk to health as they can carry several diseases and contaminate food products easily. For commercial properties, and particularly restaurant or other food serving premises, an outbreak is especially dangerous due to the potentially significant impact on your business and reputation. Food serving/handling premises can also face repercussions and prosecution under the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations of 2004 and other legislation, if evidence of contamination of food intended for human consumption is discovered.

Treatment and control:

On arrival, our technician will take the following steps:

  • Establish the location, species of cockroach and size of the infestation.
  • Identify their harbourages, routes being used and food sources.
  • Determine the most appropriate method for access and treatment.
  • Brief the customer on their findings and recommended next steps.
  • Ensure the safety of others and protect any food preparation areas.
  • Wear their protective equipment and commence with the treatment.
  • Determine the correct and optimum locations for any gel baits, surface insecticides or monitor traps and deploy these with minimum impact to the customer.
  • If required, implement a regular monitoring regime and maintain a site plan of the bait or trap locations.

Our technicians will normally recommend the use of HSE approved insecticide sprays and gels, baits and/or sticky traps. These treatments will be applied to all surfaces around the infested areas and once completed should have an immediate effect on the cockroach infestation. However, if required our technician will arrange a monitoring regime, as noted above.

From arrival, the investigation and treatment of the infestation should take no more than 60 minutes, however this may change dependant on the size and location of the affected premises and the size of the infestation itself. Please note that cockroach infestations especially may require continued treatment and monitoring to prevent repeat outbreaks.

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