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Hornet Problems

Hornets can be easily recognised due to their size and darker colouring when compared to wasps and many people are more scared of them due to this larger size. While they are indeed larger, hornets are actually must less aggressive than wasps and will actively try to avoid human contact. It’s actually quite rare to encounter hornets in the UK as their populations are in decline and they are mainly found in southern counties. However, if you do come across a nest in domestic or commercial properties, call Manchester Pest Services as soon as possible to have it safely dealt with.

How to spot a Hornet problem:

As they are usually around twice the size of a wasp, hornets are easy to identify as well as being yellow and brown in colour as opposed to the yellow and black of wasps. Of course, as they are larger, their nests will be larger than wasps’ nests as well. Hornets are natural pest controllers as they feed on insects such as flies, aphids and caterpillars, however they are not popular with gardeners as they will damage plants to feed on their sap.

They will normally choose to nest in hollowed out tree trunks but nests can sometimes be found in roof and attic spaces as well as wall cavities. Hornets may also burrow underground or use an empty garden shed if the area is quiet enough. Their nests are normally well hidden but you will be able to see a tiny hole in the fabric of the nesting site used as an entrance by the hornets.

Similar to wasps and bees, the queen finds and chooses a suitable nest site then builds a nest from wood pulp. She lays and cares for the eggs until they hatch and will then care for the larvae until they are ready to pupate and become workers who then take over the development of the nest.

The queen and any new queens she creates will fly away and hibernate over winter but, as the weather becomes colder, the nest will die out. Old nests are not re-used in subsequent years.

Adult hornets usually only become a problem if they start forging for sugary foods like jam or fruit. While they are not aggressive, they will sting if they feel threatened and will swarm and sting in defence of their nest. Like wasps, hornets can sting repeatedly and their stings are far more painful than wasp or bee stings.

Dealing with problem nests:

Hornets are very noisy in flight and therefore it is easy to track them back to the site of their nest. If a hornet nest is close to a properties windows, doors or children in general, it is highly recommended to treat it without delay as their stings can be dangerous to people who are allergic.

While some over-the-counter insecticide sprays can deal with individual hornets, a nest in a problem location needs to be dealt with by trained professionals in order to reduce the risk to everyone present. At Manchester Pest Services, our technicians are highly experience in removing or destroying hornet nests safely and efficiently, and with an affordable price tag.

Please do not attempt to deal with a nest yourself, particularly if the nest is in a small or confined space, as you could risk being swarmed and incurring severe injuries.

So don’t delay if you spot a hornet nest in your property, no matter where you are in Manchester or Cheshire – call Manchester Pest Services straight away.

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