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Clothes Moth Problems

Infestations of Clothes Moths are becoming more and more common across the UK, particularly in properties that have a large volume of natural fibres such as wool, cotton or silk. Unfortunately this means that the more valuable your wardrobe is, the more at risk you are of a moth infestation, and the greater the financial impact of damage can be. Moths can and will ruin clothes, carpets, curtains, upholstery and stock in both business and domestic properties so it’s important to be vigilant for the signs of an infestation and to deal with it quickly.

Similar to other types of moth, Clothes Moths are nocturnal. Contrary to popular belief, they are not attracted to light. In fact, they prefer the darkness of your wardrobes, dressers or cabinets, which makes spotting them difficult. It’s important to note that it is actually the moth larvae that feed on your textile materials, not the adult moths themselves. However, the presence of adult moths will indicate that larvae are also present in your premises. The larvae are small, maggot-like, and can be easily distinguished by the silk-like web cases they live in.

In regards to the damage they can cause, you should look for regularly sized holes appearing in your textiles that will not look like natural wear and tear. It’s particularly important to check fabrics that are in storage as these are most likely to be fed on by the moth larvae.

What to do when you find an infestation:

It’s very simple – call Manchester Pest Services as soon as possible to arrange a visit from one of our skilled technicians. While over-the-counter treatments can be purchased, they are often ineffective or will only deal with the immediate adult moth presence and leave the egg or larvae problem intact. Moths and their eggs are stubbornly resistant and the eggs in particular can remain dormant for months before hatching into a new infestation.

At Manchester Pest Services we have both the experience and the tools and techniques necessary to effectively deal with any moth infestation, removing not just the adult presence but also dealing with the more damaging larvae and egg presence as well. We are more than happy to visit and treat any infestation in any premises, whether it’s domestic, residential or commercial and are available at short notice.

Our technicians will use a range of treatments from fumigation and sprays to fabric removal and heat treatments, depending on the type of infestation and the location. Of course, we will always do our best to limit the impact on your premises and fabric items. Our technicians are also more than happy to provide advice and guidance on how to future-proof your premises to prevent further outbreaks of these annoying pests.

So don’t delay if you spot a moth outbreak in your property, no matter where you are in Manchester or Cheshire – call Manchester Pest Services straight away.

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